Hi my name is Randi and I am the mother of Miss Lydia.  She was diagnosed with B-cell leukemia on July 3, 2014.  We spent a month in Denver, CO and during that time I lost my job, our house, and my other two girls had to stay with my grandmother.  We started chemotherapy at Billings Clinic right after we got back to Bridger, MT and after three months of being in treatment and my savings being emptied we were told about Tina with Cassie's Gifts of Love and how she wanted to help. 

Cassie's Gifts of Love wrote us our first check in October 2014. That helped out with keeping my vehicle running and put clothes on all of my girls' backs.  I soon broke my cell phone and was using it with a very badly cracked screen.  Lydia was admitted to the hospital at this time and Tina came to meet us for the first time.  She realized my phone was less than adequate and went straight out to buy me a new one. 

Throughout the year Tina and her husband Drew and Cassie's Gifts of Love have been there through the good and the bad to help me pay my car insurance, make sure all my kids had Christmas presents, put food on my table, helped get my car in running shape, and bought the girls clothes and shoes.  They also visited us when we were in the hospital for weeks at a time and sat with Lydia so I could go check on my other children or just to get some fresh air. 

I greatly respect Tina and Drew for everything they have done for my family and all the other families.  It takes great courage to lose a child and then rise up to help others in the same boat.  To me they are the heroes of this world and I wish nothing but good will and happiness upon them.  I am extremely blessed to have had them in my time of need and know I am blessed to call them my family.